Math Expressions

Math Expressions

The plugin allows to use basic math expressions along the form. To create math expression just click button on Top Toolbar, select Advanced tab, choose Math Expressions and create as many math expressions as you need.

Each math expression has the following parameters to configure:

  • ID. The unique ID of the expression. You can’t change it.
  • Name. The name of the expression. It is used for your convenience.
  • Expression. Type math expression here. Use basic arithmetic operators: -, +, *, /.
  • Default. This value is used if expression can not be calculated (for example, in case of division by zero, typos, missed variables, non-numeric values, etc.).
  • Decimal digits. Specify how many decimal digits the result must have.

Each Math Expression has its own unique shortcode, so you can insert it into different part of the form. For example, you can create new form element “Custom HTML”, go to its properties and find property “HTML” under “Basic” tab. On left side hover mouse over to see all available fields and math expressions. Clicking desired math expression will add its shortcode into HTML content.

Important! If you plan to show the result of math expression on front-end, please do not forget to enable JavaScript Expression Parser on General Settings page.

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